Blue Heeler Pup

Party Theme Suggestions: Bluey, Puppies, Animal

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Our Blue Heeler Pup is a lot of fun and is known for her imagination and joyfulness. The Blue Heeler Pup is particularly popular with the age range 2 - 6 and 18+ (Adults love her!) and is well known by most children and adults.

Our mascot performers are cast from Brisbane’s best performers and our mascots are theme-park quality to ensure children enjoy their meet and greet. All mascots are accompanied with a fun party host to help facilitate the activities.

Other related characters are: Yellow Heeler Pup

Blue Heeler Pup falls into our Mascot Collection and itinerary activities can include:

Musical entrance
Interactive Show
Fun & Bubbles
Group games such as Simon Says, Keepy Uppy, Dance & Freeze, and parachute play
Balloon Twisting
Polaroid photos to commemorate the event

*Inclusions may vary depending on the selected package.