Genie Princess

Party Theme Suggestions: Jasmine, Aladdin, Princess, Genie, Gold

Our Genie Princess is a lot of fun and is known for being diplomatic and adventurous. She is particularly popular with the age range 3 - 7 and is well known by most children.

The Genie Princess is available in her beautiful blue ensemble inspired by Jasmine in the classic animated movie Aladdin.

Our Genie Princess performers are cast from Brisbane’s best talent of musical performers and are known for their beautiful voices and are paired with our stunning costumes, wigs, and accessories. Our casting is ethnically responsible to ensure authenticity in our performances.

The Genie Princess falls into our Princess Collection and itinerary activities can include:

- Live singing with real vocals, like a real princess!
- Royal musical entrance
- Princess Story Telling
- Bubble Play
- Princess Etiquette Lessons
- Dancing lessons
- Group games such as Princess Says, Dance & Freeze, and parachute play
- Face Painting
- Balloon Twisting
- Coronation ceremony with a beautiful metal keepsake crown
- Polaroid photos to commemorate the event

*Inclusions may vary depending on the selected package.