Green Fairy

Party Theme Suggestions: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Fairy

Our Green Fairy is a lot of fun and is known for being cheeky and humorous. The Green FAiry is particularly popular with the age range 2 - 6 and is well known by most children, and admired for her pretty wings for those who aren’t familiar with her.

The Green Fairy is available in her green dress, green shoes, and pretty fairy wings and is inspired by Tinker Bell from Peter Pan.

Our Green Fairy performers are cast from Brisbane’s best performers and are super engaging with young children. We choose our petite performers for this role for a pixie-like encounter.

Other related characters are: Princess Amethyst the Unicorn Fairy Princess

Green Fairy alls into our Storybook Collection and itinerary activities can include:
Musical entrance
Fun & Bubbles
Group games such as Simon Says, Dance & Freeze, and parachute play
Balloon Twisting
Face Painting
Polaroid photos to commemorate the event

*Inclusions may vary depending on the selected package.