Red Turtle

Party Theme Suggestions: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Martial Arts, Pizza

Looking forward to inviting Ninja Turtle to your little one’s next birthday party? Look no further! Let them experience the pleasure of meeting their favorite character in person! We bring your child’s favorite character to life with our character’s real-life outfits! Inviting a mascot performer to your party will create an unforgettable experience your kid will never forget!

Your little one and their attendees will have the chance to take many pictures with their favorite character, freeze dance, and sing the famous birthday song. Some of our activities include face painting! Ninja Turtle has a variety of choices that fit your needs!

Along with the activities our character will undertake, there are many games he will play. Brain Bender, The Pop Quiz, Dino Den, and many more games will be played by Ninja at your child’s party!

Make your child’s party extra special by inviting their favorite Mascot character to it. Contact us and book him now.