Snow Queen

Party Theme Suggestions: Elsa, Frozen, Frozen 2, Princess Queen, Winter Wonderland

The Snow Queen is a lot of fun and is known for her kindness and bubbliness. Due to her popularity, she is instantly recognizable and popular with kids and adults of all ages!

She is available in multiple outfits inspired by Elsa from both Frozen 1 and Frozen 2. You can choose from her dresses featured in:
From Frozen 1 you can choose her icy blue “Let It Go” dress
From Frozen 2 you can choose her “Some Things Never Change” Autumn look, her Travel outfit or even her new regal “Show Yourself” white Spirit look!

The Snow Queen performers are cast from Brisbane’s best talent of musical performers and are known for their beautiful voices which we have paired with our stunning costumes, wigs, and accessories.

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The Snow Queen falls into our Princess Collection and itinerary activities can include:

Live singing with real vocals, like a real princess!
Royal musical entrance
Princess Story Telling
Bubble Play
Princess Etiquette Lessons
Dancing lessons
Group games such as Princess Says, Dance & Freeze, and parachute play
Face Painting
Balloon Twisting
Coronation ceremony with a beautiful metal keepsake crown
Polaroid photos to commemorate the event

*Inclusions may vary depending on the selected package.