Themed Birthday Parties
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Thank-you for partying with us at a recent event!

We'd love to party with you in the future too! As a thank-you, we're giving away $30 vouchers* to guardians who have attended our events and reviewed our services!


As you've seen one of our events in action, we're reaching out for feedback on either our FaceBook or Google!

Just make sure you mention it when booking!

*Discount does not stack and can not be combined with other offers

Did you know we don't require a deposit for our bookings?

We know more than anyone that planning an event in these uncertain times is difficult.

While we've always given a refund for Covid-related reasons, we've decided it's less stressful for both parties to remove a deposit all together.

This means that even if you have a party coming up all the way in November you can lock in your character now!

Some characters are more popular than others and it's actually recommended to book ahead.