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Covid-19 Policy

Last edited 8/3/2022


Thank-you for trusting The Mascoteers for your party entertainment! It has been a rewarding and challenging two-years since Covid-19 has impacted our lives and our industry and we have been endeavouring to provide you with the best experience possible adapting to any Government regulations in a safe and lawful manner.


This guide has been put together to explain the booking Terms and Conditions to give you peace of mind and set expectations for your party.

The Mascoteers Responsibilities

Performers are expected to act within the guidelines of the law at the given time of the event. This may include mask wearing and social distancing. Please see the Queensland Health website for up-to-date mandates.

Our internal company policy operates under the following.



Currently, generic performers, such as our assistants or mascot hosts are expected to wear a mask throughout your party.


Face characters such as princesses, fairies, and superheroes may wear a mask to your party if it is either mandated by Queensland Health, or if performing in a small space. If there is no current mandate, a performer may choose to wear a mask. Masks will be suited for the character. In most cases, photo-time can be arranged without a mask with suitable social distancing.

Social Distancing

We understand that this is a child’s party and social distancing is difficult. Our party programs have been developed in a way that subtly encourages social distancing while complementing our high level of entertainment.

Hygiene & Vaccinations


We take care to sanitize equipment between each party. Brushes and other face painting related equipment is also sanitized with hospital grade solution in-between each child.

Hand Sanitizer / Hand Washing
Performers carry hand sanitizer and may sanitize their hands during the party. Due to potential allergies, we do not currently offer sanitizer to children.



All of our performers are either Double Vaccinated or carry Government issued exemptions. These can be produced on request.


Performers will let us know if they are exposed or experience any Covid-19 related symptoms. In most cases your entertainer will be replaced with a suitable option. In the event we are unable to find a suitable arrangement, you will be offered a 100% refund and a 20% voucher of the value of your base package for a future event.

Lockdowns / Restrictions

You will be given a full refund on a party if a Government lockdown is enforced.


In the case of Guest Limit restrictions, you can either alter your guest list to include our performers or postpone your party to a later date.

Client Responsibilities 

Clients are expected to act within the guidelines of the law at the given time of the event. This may include gathering limits, restrictions on indoor events, mask wearing and social distancing. Please see the Queensland Health website for up-to-date mandates. The Mascoteers are not liable if a client is fined for not following Government guidelines regarding guest limits.


Clients & Guests

We recommend that the client and guests follow the current Government guidelines regarding mask wearing.

Mask Requests

Clients can request all performers to wear masks when safe to do so. Some characters such as mascots are advised not wear a mask underneath their costumes due to safety issues. 


Clients however may not request performers to remove their masks, as mask wearing is up to performer discretion. 

Social Distancing

We encourage outdoor or well-ventilated areas for our performers and guests. It is the client's responsibility to follow regulated guidelines.


It is the responsibility of clients to turn away guests who are close contacts or are showing Covid-19 symptoms. If your party needs to be cancelled because of an illness related to Covid-19 please let us know we can reschedule your party to a different date.


Please also visit Terms & Conditions to see our full booking information and cancellation policy.

This guide was last updated 14/1/2022. If you have any questions or require clarification before securing your booking please contact us at 1300 958 773 or email 

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