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Additional Characters

Additional Characters

Face Character (30 Min): $99

Mascot (30 Min): $99

Face Character (60 Min): $199

Mascot (30 Min): $99

Face Character (30 Min): $99

Mascot (30 Min): $99

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Brisbane Lion King Birthday Party Mascot

A playful lion that loves to party!

Mr Lion's favourite event themes are:

- The Lion King

- The Wild "One" & "Two" Wild

Brisbane Woody Birthday Party Mascot

The Sheriff is a loyal friend!

The Sheriff's favourite event themes are:

- Toy Story

- Cowboys

- Woody

Brisbane Vanellope Von Schweetz Wreck It

This Candy Racer is full of energy!

Candy Racer's favourite event themes are:

- Wreck-It Ralph

- Princesses

Brisbane YouTuber Blippi Birthday Party

This YouTube Star is educational!

YouTube Star's favourite event themes are:

- Blippi

- YouTube

- Kids Education

Brisbane Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Mas

Mr Mouse is a timeless classic!

Mr Mouse's favourite event themes are:

- Mickey Mouse

- Disney


Brisbane White Rabbit  Birthday Party Ma

Don't worry - he won't be late!

Mr Mouse's favourite event themes are:

- Alice in Wonderland

- Easter


Brisbane Pooh Bear Birthday Party Mascot

This bear really loves honey!

Mr Mouse's favourite event themes are:

- Winnie the Pooh

- Pooh Bear


Brisbane Inside Out Birthday Party

This Happy Party Pal is filled with joy!

Happy's favourite event themes are:

- Inside Out

- Joy


Brisbane Santa Claus Christmas Mascot Pa

This inflatable Santa is lots of fun to hug!

Santa's favourite event themes are:

- Christmas

- Christmas in July


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Pa

These Turtles are trained ninjas! 


The Turtle's favourite event themes are:
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

- Martial Arts

Brisbane Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Masc

The Snowman loves it in Summer!

The Snowman's favourite event themes are:

- Frozen

- Christmas

- Olaf

Brisbane Wreck It RAlph Birthday Party M

The Wrecker is a big softie!

The Wrecker's favourite event theme are:

- Wreck-It Ralph

- Retro Games

Brisbane Trolls Poppy Birthday Party Mas

The Trolls Princess is a Party Master!

Trolls Princess favourite event themes are:

- Trolls

- Poppy

- Pink

Brisbane Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Mas

Mrs Mouse is a timeless classic!

Mrs Mouse's favourite event themes are:

- Minnie Mouse

- Disney


Brisbane Peter Rabbit Birthday Party Mas

Mr Rabbit loves making new friends!

Mr Rabbit's favourite event themes are:

- Peter Rabbit

- Easter


Brisbane Mario & Yoshi Birthday Party Ma

The Plumber Hero is really funny!

Plumber Hero's favourite event themes are:

- Nintendo

- Mario Bros.

- Yoshi


Brisbane Elf on the Shelf Christmas Masc
Brisbane Grinch Christmas Party Mascot

The Christmas Grouch is a grumpy fellow! 

Christmas Grouch's favourite event themes are:

- The Grinch

- Grinchmas


The Shelf Elf is a little naughty but a lot of fun!

Shelf Elf's favourite event themes are:

- Elf on the Shelf

- Christmas

- Christmas in July


The Sheriff

Christmas Grouch

The Shelf Elf

Santa Claus

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